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1. What does your company do? (53%)
2. How often do you give your employees a pay-rise? (52.9%)
3. Will I have to work long hours? (50.3%)
4. How much will I get paid? (49.8%)
5. Do you offer sick pay? (45.4%)

Other responses included asking how much holiday they will receive and who the company's market competitors are. Furthermore, the majority (54.7%) of professionals think it is appropriate to ask 3-5 questions, while 33.4% would ask 1-2 and 9.2% 6-10.


Furthermore, the research also quizzed candidates on the questions that they've asked in an interview which have been well received and boosted their chances of getting the job. The responses included:

1. Is there room for development in this position? (74.2%)
2. How would you describe the general culture of the company and the workplace? (51.3%)
3. What are the team like that I will be working with? (36.8%)
4. When can I start? (24.2%)
5. How do you measure success? (23.3%)

Interestingly, a separate piece of research conducted amongst 200 UK recruitment professionals, revealed that recruiters think there are candidates shouldn't ask in an interview, including what happens if they're late or call in sick and how soon they can expect a promotion.


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