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Spring has officially arrived; the glimmer of sunshine and longer days go hand in hand with the seasonal trend - spring cleaning. Whilst many focus on their cluttered garden sheds or overloaded spare rooms we believe this tradition is not just good practice for the home, but also great to implement in the workplace.

Therefore, why not take the time and give your recruitment processes a spring clean, in time for the busy summer months to come.

Here are 5 top tips to aid you on your way to spring cleaning your online recruitment:


1. Declutter your supplier list

When outsourcing your recruitment, it can be tempting to turn to multiple recruitment suppliers, driven by the belief that you will be gaining a wider reach. In fact, working with a long list of recruitment agencies may result in duplication - not only with the CVs you receive but also with your job adverts.

2. Assess your social presence

If you are already using the likes of LinkedIn or Twitter as part of your recruitment strategy, and your ROI isn't quite as effective as it could be, perhaps it is time to, review its effectiveness. Use your spring cleaning time as an opportunity to calculate which of your social platforms are working best for you; providing you with evidence on where to focus your efforts moving forward.

3. Tidy up your employer branding

If you have managed to strategise your employer branding, congratulations. If not, why not, evaluate what you have done to date and what other methods you could try going forward.

Are you in need of some direction? Class 1 Recruitment Ltd can help.

4. Out with the old

By putting a day aside to spring clean your recruitment methods you will likely spot some reoccurring trends. Highlight those trends and habits that cause delays in your hiring process and be stern and set yourself the challenge to call time on those old habits that are holding you back.

5. Try something new

Change can often seem daunting, but with many companies offering free trials and demos for tools that can enhance your recruitment processes, you can try new recruitment methods, risk-free.

These 5 tips are a great place to start if you are considering giving your recruitment a spring clean this April. You can also call us and we can give you the direction and help you need. We offer unrivalled exposure, expert targeting and a genuinely cost and time effective approach to your recruitment process.

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