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Interviews can be a daunting process for many, and new research has found that a whopping 87.4% of workers think there are certain questions candidates should avoid asking in an interview if you want to get the job!

The research, which quizzed 1,200 UK workers on interview preparation techniques, found that over three quarters (79.3%) of professionals will prepare questions in advance of an interview, with 92.3% stating that they try to ask a question in every job interview they attend. When asked what questions have jeopardised their chances of bagging a job in the past, candidates revealed the following:


Class 1 Recruitment Ltd have set up their own Home & Garden Maintenance Service. Class 1 have been providing the local authorities with skilled personnel for many years to maintain the local grounds and parks throughout the South and South East. We have set up a Home & Garden Maintenance Company to provide the  public and Commercial sectors a complete service direct. We have many employee's that we have working in these sectors and are always looking for more, so this gives us a great opportunity to get more staff on board to train up and provide experienced personnel to our clients whilst providing a great service to the public.

Zooks is part of Class 1 Recruitment Ltd that provide both property and garden maintenance services.

Our grounds maintenance services can provide you with the full package to manage and maintain your garden. We understand that providing a service that will immediately benefit the visual appearance of your garden areas including landscaping, planting gives a great first impression in residential and commercial developments.


Spring has officially arrived; the glimmer of sunshine and longer days go hand in hand with the seasonal trend - spring cleaning. Whilst many focus on their cluttered garden sheds or overloaded spare rooms we believe this tradition is not just good practice for the home, but also great to implement in the workplace.

Therefore, why not take the time and give your recruitment processes a spring clean, in time for the busy summer months to come.

Here are 5 top tips to aid you on your way to spring cleaning your online recruitment:


It’s hard to believe that just 25 years ago, smartphones were something that you’d expect to see in a Bond movie. Well call me Bond, because now 81% of us in the UK own a smartphone, with a gigantic 30% increase over the last four years. Although smartphones aren’t exciting any more, they’re just the norm, there is so much excitement on its way. Jetpacks and prosthetics with a sense of touch may be just around the corner.

Technology is awesome; it’s helping make our lives easier, and soon we won’t know what we ever did without it.


  Please take 2 minutes of your time to remember too!  

It’s that time of year when we remember our fallen heroes. These quotes seem so right.


Gamers are set to get to grips with the recruitment challenges posed by Brexit in the latest edition of the video game Football Manager, due to be released next month.


While recruiters now have clarity over a definite timeline for Brexit, questions and concerns remain over government’s negotiating strategy and what this means for the industry, recruitment trade bodies have warned.

At the weekend Prime Minister Theresa May confirmed that Article 50, the process for starting the process for the UK’s exit from the European Union, would be triggered in the first quarter of next year.

While recruiters now have a definite timeline for Brexit, recruitment trade bodies warn the complex nature of impending negotiations with the EU means questions still remain over how the industry will be affected once a deal is struck.


We are proud to announce that following an extensive audit of our practices and procedures, Class 1 Recruitment Ltd have now been awarded a Gangmasters License (Unique Reference No.: CLAS0004). The new certification will allow us to trade within the food production and packaging sectors. Throughout 2017 we will be looking to develop client relationships in these areas. 


The UK faces an existential question: Do we stay or do we go?  When Britons vote in June on whether to remain in the European Union, making the right choice will require our decision to cut through the hyperbole on both sides of the debate and consider carefully what so-called “Brexit” would really mean for the UK.

The main issues that will shape voters’ decision relate to trade relations, regulation, and the budget; foreign policy and security; and domestic policies, such as welfare and immigration. Then there are questions about the substantive and emotional benefits and baggage that attend EU membership, with all of its rules, regulations, and bureaucrats. The choice is stark, but the questions at issue are not all black and white.


We have all seen those strange jobs being advertised, but here are 10 of the craziest jobs you can apply for in 2016. 

Need some career inspiration for the New Year? From Beer Smeller and Astronaut to Master Lego Builder or Chicken Sexer, a CV writing company have searched high and low to find 10 of the craziest jobs you can apply for in 2016.


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